R-410A vs. R-22: Which Refrigerant Should My HVAC System Use?

If you’re like many other homeowners in the Burlington, NC, area, you probably have no clue what kind of refrigerant your HVAC system uses. Why does that matter? Well, if your air conditioner or heat pump uses R-22 refrigerant, you may be due for a furnace replacement. Read on for LM Wilson’s reasons why you should switch to R-410A.

R-22: Outdated refrigerant for Burlington homeowners

You may not have heard of R-22 before, but you’ve probably heard its other name: freon. Freon has been widely used in most A/C units and heat pumps for decades. However, it has been found in recent years to be inefficient and harmful to the environment. Specifically, it depletes the earth’s ozone layer. In 2010, the US government banned the use of R-22 in new HVAC systems. It also plans to completely phase out production by 2020.

R-410A: Efficient refrigerant for HVAC systems

R-410A is the answer to the problems R-22 created. It’s more efficient and effective for use in air conditioners and heat pumps. It’s also completely safe for our planet’s ozone layer. These properties allow it to be used in newly produced, high efficiency HVAC systems.

Upgrade to R-410A with LM Wilson Heating & Air

Now you may be thinking, “switching refrigerants sounds like a hassle.” If this is the case, you may want to consider a few things. First, you can continue to use your old R-22 equipment, but it will cost you. Since production was banned, the price of R-22 has skyrocketed, and it can be hard to come by. Second, your older HVAC equipment is inefficient compared to newer models and will cost you more in energy bills. Finally, upgrading to a new air conditioner or heat pump will give you peace of mind knowing it meets government standards for years to come.

Make the switch to R-410A refrigerant for a more efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC system. Call LM Wilson Heating & Air today!

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