Be Sure Your HVAC System Is Ready For The Coming Heat

With the arrival of Spring comes warmer weather and the rain that brings beautiful flowers to us in Burlington. This means our HVAC systems will switch over to air conditioning to keep powering through the other side of the weather- the heat. Some people don’t think about their cooling system until it is broken in the middle of the Summer heat and they end up needing a more costly repair- don’t let this happen to you! Call LM Wilson Heating & Air to perform preventative maintenance on your entire system, from ducts to heat pumps, to ensure that your system can handle the heat.

Thermostat checkups

 provide comfort in knowing that the command center of your entire HVAC system is working properly and doing its job for your home. Without this often overlooked device, we would have no way of controlling the temperature of our home, or even giving the air conditioning the signal to switch on!

Refrigerant lines

 can develop leaks and lead to loss of refrigerant in places where we do not want it to go! LM Wilson Heating & Air will check the line for leaks and make sure the refrigerant in your air conditioner is charged to the proper capacity.

Air filter inspections

 are not only telling signs of when to replace the filters themselves, but can also provide insight to the air quality in your home and what can be done to improve it. We ensure that your filters are fresh and ready to handle the airflow from your cooling system during the hottest of weather.

Electrical connections

 can come loose over time or corrode, so LM Wilson checks the connections on your HVAC units so they function optimally. This includes the mechanical components inside your outdoor air conditioner, as well as the indoor section.

Is Your Ventilation Working Properly?

Another key change that comes with Spring is pollen and allergy season! LM Wilson is experienced in handling ventilation issues in homes that lead to indoor allergens building up. We can analyze and target problems in your ventilation system if you are getting a runny or stuffy nose in your home and provide a fast and simple solution for you. As a homeowner, another consideration beyond your ventilation and air conditioning systems is weathering of your home. It is always wise to have your siding, windows, and roof checked to solve any potential issues affecting your home. The home has many components that affect its ability to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

HVAC Services by LM Wilson

If you feel it is time to give your HVAC system a full check up, give LM Wilson Heating & Air a call to set up an appointment. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your home’s cooling system, what we did and what you can do to stay comfortable through the Spring and coming Summer!