AC Planned Preventative Maintenance

Many of us are guilty of ignoring our air conditioning systems until they suddenly break down when it’s over 90 degrees outside. Once you feel the uncomfortable summer heat creeping in, you need AC repair in Burlington, NC fast. However, there are ways to keep air conditioning repair at bay.

It’s very important to make sure you have your AC unit properly inspected and maintained at least once a year, preferably twice. This can make all the difference in lowering monthly energy bills and prolonging the life of your unit. Here are five reasons why you should always make sure your air conditioner is well maintained:

Avoid complete air conditioning breakdowns

Having you air conditioner serviced yearly will help you avoid system shutdowns, as well as AC repair costs. The technicians at LM Wilson will be able to expertly identify any issues with your air conditioning system before it breaks down.

Save money on your energy costs

Your air conditioner could be costing you a lot of money, without your even knowing it. That is, until you open up next month’s increased energy bill. You can ensure your AC is operating efficiently while saving money on your energy bills just by opting for twice-a-year AC maintenance.

Keep it comfortable

You can keep your family comfortable simply by having your air conditioner properly maintained. LM Wilson’s preventative maintenance plan provides twice yearly check-ups to keep your equipment running longer without the need for AC repair.

Better indoor air quality

If you maintain your AC equipment regularly, you are rewarded with better indoor air quality. When the filters and coils are clean the air that is circulated throughout your home is free of pollen, dust and other toxins.

Benefits outweigh the yearly cost

The benefits of having your air conditioner maintained regularly greatly outweigh the cost of repair or replacement. Don’t wait until your AC breaks down to call LM Wilson.

The amount of money it will cost you to have regular preventative maintain on your air conditioner is much lower than the cost of AC repair or replacement. Contact LM Wilson in Burlington, NC today to schedule service in your home. We will explain our maintenance plan options so you know exactly what benefits you will receive, and how we can help keep everything running properly to keep you comfortable throughout the year.