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Have you had your heating system inspected? If not, you may want to think twice about turning on the heat this winter. A heating unit that hasn’t had a thorough inspection will not only cost you money but could be a safety hazard as well. Here are LM Wilson’s top reasons you should have your heating & AC system inspected this fall.


Fall inspections increase heating system efficiency

As temperatures drop, monthly utility bills tend to increase. A timely inspection can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs. Inspections and proper maintenance ensure that every component of your heating equipment is functioning properly, which allows it to operate efficiently. Efficient heating systems save money by using less energy. In addition, an HVAC unit operating at maximum efficiency will provide maximum comfort. Consistent heat, even air-flow, and optimal humidity levels create the most comfortable home environment possible during the cold of fall and winter months.

Carbon monoxide detectors installed by LM Wilson keep Burlington homes safer

At LM Wilson Heating & Air, our fall inspections don’t just check for efficiency. Our team of expert technicians is trained to make sure your heating system is operating safely. This is particularly true for traditional furnaces fueled by natural gas or propane. When these fuels burn inefficiently, carbon monoxide is released in large quantities. This can be extremely dangerous as carbon monoxide is an odorless and tasteless toxic gas. LM Wilson technicians perform comprehensive inspections that identify and repair any leaks or cracks in furnaces, as well as dirty filters that could be clogging the unit. But we don’t stop there. Your home should be prepared and protected against any hazardous scenario, which is why we strategically install carbon monoxide detectors near bedrooms and living areas, as well as furnace units. These detectors are designed to recognize the slightest amount of toxic carbon monoxide gas that can be emitted from furnaces as well as stoves, washing machines, and various other household appliances. The detector will then alarm you and your family with a siren, much like a smoke detector, at which point you should exit the home immediately. Although this is certainly no situation any family would want to find themselves in, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you have a reliable line of defense between your family and malfunctioning heating equipment. In addition to eliminating the threat of carbon monoxide, LM Wilson technicians will repair any broken or loose electrical wiring that could potentially cause a fire.

A fall heating system inspection will increase comfort, save money, and keep your home safer throughout the winter. LM Wilson Heating & Air has nearly 30 years experience inspecting and maintaining heating & AC equipment in the Burlington, NC, region. Call or click to schedule an appointment today!

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