Stay Cool with Your Burlington AC Unit and Window Treatments

Stay Cool with Your Burlington AC Unit and Window Treatments

We’re in the midst of summer’s hottest months, and your Burlington AC unit is probably running almost continuously to keep your house cool. These 95+ temperature days are starting to make the lawns look crispy, while bringing extra warmth to the rooms of your home that have a lot of windows. If you are not comfortable and find that your air conditioner is not sending out cool enough air, it may be time for an air conditioner repair in Burlington. At L.M. Wilson, we will evaluate your cooling system and locate the problem that is causing the not-so-cool air to be circulated. With a thorough repair, you will be in a cool, comfortable home again. There are some other ways to keep cool during the summer months, as mentioned in things first. Weatherize. If you didn’t do this in the winter to keep cold air out, definitely do it now to keep hot air out and your nicely cooled air in. Second, plant trees. Trees planted strategically on the sunniest sides of your home can significantly reduce the amount of solar light getting through your windows. Plus, they add value to your landscape. Next, cover up. Chances are, your windows are only single panes of glass, maybe doubles (triple-paned glass is the most efficient, but it’s not commonly found in most houses and apartments). That means that there’s not much of a barrier between the inside air and the outside air of your house. Curtains or shades  add an extra layer of insulation and increase the energy efficiency of each window covered. The thicker the curtains, the more energy you’ll save, especially if you mount the curtains as close to the window as possible. Otherwise, hot air will end up escaping around the curtains and into your room – and vice versa with cold air.”

Weatherize Your Home for Energy Efficiency with Your HVAC System

With weatherizing, it is important to think in both directions. You will probably want to keep the warm air outside and keep the cool, indoor air from escaping. Weatherize all of the areas of your home that may have gaps or cracks that allow outdoor air to come inside. Weather stripping materials and other types of insulation will help to cover those areas and provide a barrier so the air does not escape or come inside.

Trees Reduce the Heat Around Your Home

When you plant trees near your home, they provide shade and cooler temperatures , plus healthier air for you to breathe. Take a look at where the sun is frequently on your windows and plant your trees to block some of the sun from constantly hitting your windows. This will keep your windows cooler, making the indoor temperature cooler.

Curtains and Honeycomb-Style Shades Provide Cool Barriers to the Hot Sun

Heavy curtains that are mounted very close to the windows work well to keep the heat outside. Also, a honeycomb styled shade that provides increased insulation will be beneficial to have on the windows that get the most sun. These are excellent ways to help lower your monthly energy bills. Advanced window treatments, trees and good insulation are all helpful to reducing the amount of heat and sunshine that enters your home. If you have an older system that is not performing well, an air conditioner repair in Burlington or new AC system installation may be needed. Our expert service team of qualified professionals will provide an exact quote along with exceptional repair or replacement services. Please contact L.M. Wilson today for your air conditioning service needs at 336-226-2685.

(Source: Now’s the Time to Consider Sun-Blocking Blinds to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer,, 2015)

Why A Tune-Up?

Years ago, the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service at Louisiana State University teamed up with Gulf
States Power to identify what benefits if any were provided by an air conditioning tune-up. A series of homes
were heavily instrumented, data was collected over time, tune-ups were performed, and data was collected
again. The results of this landmark study were staggering. The researchers found that tune-ups saved energy
and restored lost capacity. How much?

Average Monthly Savings From a Tune-Up ………… $32.76

Average Cooling Capacity Restored…………………… 0.79 Tons

The researchers concluded that:

Air conditioning maintenance benefits the consumer by lowering his operat-
ing costs, increasing his comfort control capacity, and is believed to extend equipment life.

But do homeowners need a tune-up every year? To answer that question, researchers repeated the study a year
later, using the same homes from the prior year. They found that 78% of the savings were present. In other
words, one year of operation takes a toll on an air conditioner. It may still function adequately, but not nearly as efficiently as it should.

Average Monthly Savings From a Tune-Up
After One Year Of Operation …………………………….. $25.60

Granted, these studies were performed years ago. That does not lessen their validity. They continue to be ref- erenced because no one has funded additional research into the residential market. If anything, the studies un- derstate the savings potential from a tune-up. Adjusting for inflation, the monthly savings from the first study would be $60.59 today. The savings from a tune-up after one year of operation would be $45.39. In addition, today’s air conditioners with greater efficiency levels, are more likely to need maintenance, due to changes in coil design (thinner fins, more surface area, thinner tubing, rifled tubing, etc), changes in refrigerants, and so on. For Homeowners, the bottom line is that given the low cost of a tune-up and the energy savings and restored capacity


Tune-Ups Are Free!!!

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One of the greatest impediments to the sale of service agreements is the lack of belief in the value of a tune-up on the part of service technicians. Since the service technician has the most customer contact of anyone in the company, he or she is in the best position to effect the enrollment of a homeowner in the service agreement program. Yet, technicians must believe in service agreements or they will not only be ineffective in their sales effort, they will not even try.

In 1983, an empirical research study on the value of air conditioning maintenance was performed by researchers at LSU, working with Gulf States Power. They discovered that proper maintenance paid for itself over the course of a few months of summer operation. The study stands out because the LSU re- searchers selected real homes. The savings discovered were real world, not theoretical. The savings reflected the way people actually used their homes’ air conditioners.

The homes selected for the study had not had tune-ups in quite some time. They were not always in the best condition. Thus, it wasn’t surprising that savings were found. The researchers wondered how often tune-ups were needed. Were they needed every year?

To answer this question, the study was repeated a year later with the same homes. The researchers found that performance had degraded enough over the course of a year that 78% of the original savings were still present when a tune-up was done a year later.

The “LSU study” has been frequently cited through the years. Some discount it today because the study is nearly twenty years old. However, no one has stepped up to perform a similar study over the last two decades. The age of the research does not minimize its validity. If anything, the savings would be greater today. Not only has inflation had an impact in the intervening time period, but the technology of air conditioning has changed. Today’s air conditioners feature thinner fins, different cuts and bends on the fins, thinner tubing that is internally rifled, and so on. A small coating of dust has a greater detri- mental effect.

Often, the LSU study has been effective in and of itself in persuading technicians of the value of a tune-up. This sheet is designed to be used with technicians. It’s purpose is to help technicians understand that they are not persuading homeowners to spend money on a tune-up, they are encouraging them to save money.

Use this sheet in a training meeting with your technicians. In addition, ask the technicians to identify the parts that might fail if not maintained. Ask them in how many homes out of a hundred will they encounter that failure. Repeat it for each part.Typically, the response is along the lines of 2 or 3 (i.e., 2% or
3%). This represents the “incidence” of failure. Multiply the incidence by the cost of the repair. It may only be a few dollars, but it adds to the value of a tune-up.

Tally the repairs, add in the energy savings, plug in the value of a ton of air conditioning to represent the restored capacity (i.e., the cost difference between a three and four ton system), and
you can arrive at a value of a tune-up. Typically, the value will add up to several hundred dollars.

If you want, repeat the process for a furnace. You will have to estimate the energy savings from tuning burners. Similar research does not exist for heating system tune-ups.

While this piece of collateral is targeted towards technicians, it can also be used with consumers. You can give it to techni- cians to hand to homeowners, include it with sales proposals when persuading homeowners to bundle an extended service agreement in the proposal, pass it out at home shows, give it to members of your service club, include it in a direct mail effort, and so on.

Air Conditioning Services in Burlington, NC

LM Wilson provides an extensive list of air conditioning services to the Burlington, NC area. Whether you need preventative maintenance, AC repairs or an entire HVAC replacement, our professional technicians can help. We provide our customers prompt and efficient air conditioner service, ensuring the highest quality of comfort for your home.

AC repair and service in Burlington, NC

No matter the type of air conditioner you own, constant use can take a toll and at some point it will need repairs. When the weather outside is hot, the last thing you need is an AC failure. LM Wilson provides emergency air conditioning repairs to our customers in the Burlington area. Don’t put off AC repair, call us today.

Air conditioning replacement and installation in Burlington, NC

When your AC unit becomes less efficient and is over 10 years old, consider an air conditioner replacement. We provide air conditioning installation and can give you expert advice on the best type and size of system for your home. We have many options to choose from such as ductless air conditioners and hybrid units. Give us a call today to discuss all our air conditioner installation services and products.

AC preventative maintenance

It’s no secret that constant care equals a more efficient AC unit. When your air conditioner works at an optimal level, your energy bills stay low and your home stays cool.
We offer our heating and AC customers a number of different preventative maintenance plan options. We have created a customized 21 point safety and efficiency inspection that will quickly address air conditioning issues that are common in the Burlington, NC area. The comprehensive service and maintenance agreement we offer is designed with your comfort and safety in mind.
From AC maintenance, repairs, and installation, LM Wilson is here to keep your home comfortable. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to discuss air conditioning services for your home.

Heating Repair in Burlington, NC

The professional technicians at LM Wilson provide heating repair services to the Burlington area, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Whether you are a current customer or a new one, we provide emergency services to make sure your family stays comfortable during the cold NC winter months. We ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Fast heating repair in Burlington, NC

When it comes to heating and furnace problems, it’s difficult to know if it is an emergency or not. You must always assume that delaying heating repair might cause extensive damage to your heating system or furnace. To make sure that you do not run into a complete heat shut down, call LM Wilson as soon as possible. We can accurately diagnose the heating problem and provide repair service..

Furnace and radiator repairs in Burlington, NC

Our experienced technicians are able to repair any heating system by any manufacturer, whether we installed it or not. LM Wilson provides repair work for furnaces, boilers, radiators, ductless systems, heat pumps, thermostats, and more. While we are repairing your heating unit, we can also change out filters and give you advice on how to keep your system operating at peak performance.

During our initial inspection of your heating system, we may find that a complete replacement is best. Sometimes heating repairs are only a quick fix and an inefficient system will slowly cause your energy bills to increase. Your HVAC system may also constantly need other repairs in the future. If a new heating system is needed, we can provide you with many options for your home within your budget. We also offer financing to help ease the burden of a big purchase. Once your new heating system or furnace is installed, you will find that the energy savings is worth it in the long run.

We also offer heating tune-up plans. Our Piece of Mind Maintenance Programs will keep your furnace or radiator running efficiently. We will perform our safety and efficiency inspection to diagnose any problems. A complete system replacement is more likely to be required in systems that have not had routine service.

When it comes to your heating repair needs in Burlington, NC, contact LM Wilson. We have been performing furnace and heating repair since 1987. Don’t hesitate to contact us when it comes to your family’s warmth – we are available 24/7.

AC Planned Preventative Maintenance

Many of us are guilty of ignoring our air conditioning systems until they suddenly break down when it’s over 90 degrees outside. Once you feel the uncomfortable summer heat creeping in, you need AC repair in Burlington, NC fast. However, there are ways to keep air conditioning repair at bay.

It’s very important to make sure you have your AC unit properly inspected and maintained at least once a year, preferably twice. This can make all the difference in lowering monthly energy bills and prolonging the life of your unit. Here are five reasons why you should always make sure your air conditioner is well maintained:

Avoid complete air conditioning breakdowns

Having you air conditioner serviced yearly will help you avoid system shutdowns, as well as AC repair costs. The technicians at LM Wilson will be able to expertly identify any issues with your air conditioning system before it breaks down.

Save money on your energy costs

Your air conditioner could be costing you a lot of money, without your even knowing it. That is, until you open up next month’s increased energy bill. You can ensure your AC is operating efficiently while saving money on your energy bills just by opting for twice-a-year AC maintenance.

Keep it comfortable

You can keep your family comfortable simply by having your air conditioner properly maintained. LM Wilson’s preventative maintenance plan provides twice yearly check-ups to keep your equipment running longer without the need for AC repair.

Better indoor air quality

If you maintain your AC equipment regularly, you are rewarded with better indoor air quality. When the filters and coils are clean the air that is circulated throughout your home is free of pollen, dust and other toxins.

Benefits outweigh the yearly cost

The benefits of having your air conditioner maintained regularly greatly outweigh the cost of repair or replacement. Don’t wait until your AC breaks down to call LM Wilson.

The amount of money it will cost you to have regular preventative maintain on your air conditioner is much lower than the cost of AC repair or replacement. Contact LM Wilson in Burlington, NC today to schedule service in your home. We will explain our maintenance plan options so you know exactly what benefits you will receive, and how we can help keep everything running properly to keep you comfortable throughout the year.

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