Furnace Repair in Burlington: Getting Ready for Cold Weather

Believe it or not, cold weather is just around the bend. The Farmer’s Almanac is anticipating a cold and wet winter (hopefully, not as cold and snowy as last year). Anticipating the cold weather is hard to do while sitting by the pool, sipping a cool drink, but unless you want to wake up to a cold, frosty house in the middle of an icy, night, it is a must.

Just like your car needs regular oil changes and maintenance, so does your heating system. Performing annual maintenance checks, prolongs the life of your heating system, keeps the furnace running smoothly, and helps to prevent break downs in the middle of the night. Choosing our maintenance plan takes the worry out of what maintenance you should be doing – we will thoroughly check your system with a customized 21 point safety and efficiency inspection the items below plus much more – info available on our Maintenance Plans page.

Three Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Furnace Running Smoothly

1. Safety Inspections

Annual safety inspections are a must. A safety inspection includes testing for carbon monoxide, which is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that can cause death. While most new furnaces are equipped with an automatic safety shut-off when carbon monoxide is detected, older models are not equipped with this feature. An annual safety inspection can detect carbon monoxide leaks. Additionally, it is recommended that all homes install carbon monoxide detectors as a precautionary measure. During the safety inspection, the furnace repair technician will also check the condition of all mechanical and electrical components to ensure they are working properly. Although you may be aware of the importance of cleaning lint from your dryer to prevent fires, a lot of home owners do not realize that the same thing can happen with a furnace. Lint and other debris can build up and cause a fire. An annual safety inspection helps to prevent this from occurring.

2. Changing Air Filters

One of the simplest maintenance tips, yet, most home owners simply forget to change their air filters on a regular basis. In addition to providing cleaner air, if an air filter is clogged, the build-up will make it very difficult for air to pass through. This means the furnace blower will have to work harder. If the blower is working harder, then your energy bills are increasing and it is taking longer to heat your home, plus the blower motor may burn out. While most manufacturers recommend every 3 months, there are exceptions. For example, if you have pets, pet dander can accelerate how often you need to change your filters. If you are a smoker, you may need to change our filter more often.

3. Duct Work

Replacing duct work is expensive and, with the annual maintenance, technicians provide inspection of the duct work throughout your home. Duct work can accumulate debris, which can restrict airflow or cause excess allergens to be distributed throughout your home. Additionally, since most ductwork is located under the house, inspection is required to ensure there are no tears or damage that would cause airflow to be reduced.

LM Wilson has been providing furnace repair in Burlington, NC since 1987. We offer Piece of Mind Maintenance Programs that will keep your heating system running smoothly.

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