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Which Is Better For My Home: Heat Pump or Furnace?

Are you overdue for a new heating system? If so, you’ll need to make sure the model you choose is best for your home and personal needs. Read on to see whether you need a furnace or heat pump for your Burlington, NC, home.

Heat pump vs. gas furnace differences

The gas furnace has long been a popular residential heating solution in the U.S. However, heat pumps are gaining ground as the go-to heating system for many homeowners. Traditional furnaces use gas fuel to produce heat. On the other hand, heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat energy into and out of the home. This allows heat pumps to function as both heaters and air conditioners.

Pros of a heat pump in Burlington, NC

Heat pumps are becoming more and more common, and it’s no surprise why. They’re typically more efficient than gas furnaces, using less energy, and therefore, less money, to heat homes. In addition, heat pumps come in ductless models, or “mini-splits”, that can be installed in individual rooms for more a more customized HVAC experience. Finally, heat pumps won’t leak carbon monoxide or gas, both potential gas furnace safety hazards.

Gas furnace pros

While heat pumps boast many benefits, there are some categories in which the gas furnace still reigns supreme. For one thing, your gas furnace will only be in use for the coldest months of the year, whereas a heat pump will operate all year long since it performs both heating and cooling duties. This means a new gas furnace will be prone to less frequent repairs than a heat pump. Also, gas furnaces produce their own heat, so no matter what the temperature is outside, your home will be warm. In contrast, heat pumps can only use the heat available outdoors. So, when it’s well below freezing, heat pumps use auxiliary heat (or electrical strip heat) to keep your home warm. This is much less efficient and costs more than gas heat. While this isn’t usually a major concern for Burlington, this winter has proven that we can still be visited by extreme cold!

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