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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality with Your AC Unit

Indoor air quality is the secret to a healthy home life. Did you know your home’s air is probably more polluted than the air outside? However, efficient air conditioning can make a difference. Read on for LM Wilson’s tips to improve indoor air quality with your AC unit.

Change your air filters

A fresh air filter is the “apple a day” for any HVAC system. Clean air filters do an excellent job of collecting the millions of dust, dirt and debris particles that float through your home’s air. However, once your HVAC filter is clogged, it will begin to allow those pollutants back into the home. Change your filter at least once a month; this will improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and reduce allergy symptoms in your home.

Clean air vents in Burlington

Have you ever looked at your air supply vents and noticed long clumps of dust hanging from them? Well, where do you think that dust goes when the air begins to blow? You got it: Straight into the air you breathe. Use a damp rag to wipe down all the air registers in your home. Avoid a duster, as this will just send the dust floating to some other surface.

Improve indoor air quality with a dehumidifier

High humidity levels can lead to mold and mildew growth in your home. Lower the humidity settings on your thermostat, and consider investing in a dehumidifier to keep the moisture in check. When winter comes around, reverse the process; you can turn the humidity up, or use a humidifier to improve indoor air quality.

Carbon monoxide detectors

At LM Wilson, we also recommend that you equip your home with carbon monoxide detectors. These devices will alert your family to any dangerous levels of the gas in your home’s air. This is particularly helpful in winter, when inefficient gas furnaces can emit harmful amounts of carbon monoxide.

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