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5 Tips to Prevent Spring Allergies in Burlington, NC

Spring is here, and while the season brings pleasant weather, it is also a time of allergies for many of us in the Burlington, NC, area. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent spring allergies. Follow these five tips from LM Wilson Heating & Air to reduce allergic reactions this spring in Burlington.

Wipe off air vents in Burlington, NC

If your spring cleaning checklist doesn’t include your air vents, it should. Use a damp cloth to wipe dust off of your air registers to prevent dust and debris from catching a ride on your cool, clean air conditioning.

Monthly filter changes

This isn’t exclusive to spring, but it’s always worth mentioning. If there’s one thing you can do to effectively prevent spring allergies, it’s keeping clean air filters in your HVAC system. Fresh air filters improve air quality in addition to increasing your air conditioner’s efficiency during spring and summer.

Mini splits from LM Wilson Heating & Air

Ductless HVAC uses small indoor heat pumps, or mini splits, to provide clean, affordable air conditioning during spring and summer. And because there is no ductwork, there is far less dust and debris than can accumulate over the winter and pollute your home’s air.

Prevent spring allergies with clean pets

Loveable though they are, pets can’t help but bring all sorts of allergens from the outdoors into your home. Make sure to wash your furry friends regularly, and keep them off your couch and bed in order to prevent spring allergies.

Close windows and doors

Open windows and doors provide a free entrance to pollen, dirt, dust, and allergen-carrying insects during spring and summer in Burlington. Make sure all doors and windows are closed and their frames sealed in order to keep allergies outside where they belong.

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