Run Your Burlington AC Unit While Sleeping for Health Benefits

If you sleep better in a cooler bedroom at night, you may be helping your body while asleep. Sleep is imperative to good health, as we all know. Turning the thermostat to a cooler setting while you sleep could subtly change a person’s stores of “good fat” that consequently alters metabolic health, even into daylight hours. Studies have shown that a cooler thermostat setting of your Burlington AC system can reduce the likelihood of developing metabolic problems, such as diabetes. If you keep the room temperature on the “chilly side” during the summer months, your air conditioner is not only providing you with better air circulation and improved air quality, you also may be improving your health. LM Wilson provides air conditioner service and repairs in Burlington so you can continue to maintain comfortable and cool temperatures in your house. According to a study by NIH, chillier rooms can also lead to lower blood sugar, at

Keeping your bedroom slightly chilly might have measurable metabolic health benefits beyond simply being comfy. A recent study by National Institutes of Health researchers in the journal Diabetes suggests that cooler bedrooms can change bodies noticeably, resulting in “slight but meaningful” advantages that could potentially lessen the risk of diabetes and other metabolic problems. Here’s how it works.

The NIH research team discovered that sleeping at colder temperatures significantly increased the amount of “brown fat” in participants. Brown adipose tissue, or brown fat, has a popular perception as the “good” fat because it stores energy in smaller droplets which burn more quickly in the body than the more common white fat.

Until recently, scientists believed adults didn’t have any brown fat — but they were wrong. Small deposits have been found in the necks and upper backs of many adults. Some research has suggested adults with more brown fat tend to be leaner and have lower blood sugar.”

Stay Cool with Your Burlington AC System and Burn Calories

Burning calories during the day can be followed up with burning calories at night while sleeping if you AC is set at the proper temperature. LM Wilson offers maintenance services and air conditioner repairs in Burlington so that you can stay cool and comfortable all summer long and enjoy all the great health benefits. Experienced technicians will assist you with thermostat settings and answer any questions you may have about your HVAC system. LM Wilson provides all the exceptional service for your air conditioning system to help you stay cool and healthy. Here is some more information on the health perks of staying cool according to

The study’s results indicate that being slightly chilly more of the time could actually be good for you. It also backs up another recent Dutch study that found long-term exposure to mild cold stimulates brown fat to burn more calories than a resting metabolic rate.Study lead Paul Lee says higher temperatures in the winter may be a small stealth factor contributing to obesity. In short, we gotta keep it cool to survive.”

Staying comfortable is easy with proper AC maintenance for your Burlington AC unit, as well regular tune-ups and repairs. Call LM Wilson for your next maintenance tune-up and experience cool and healthy temperatures in your home while also saving on your utility bills. Contact our office today at 336-804-8667.

(Source: There’s Good News if You Love Sleeping with the AC On at Night,, July 23, 2014)