spring HVAC maintenance

3 Reasons to Schedule Spring HVAC Maintenance

Have you had your air conditioner serviced yet? If not, you could be missing out on major energy savings this season in the Burlington, NC, area. Here are the top 3 reasons you should schedule spring HVAC maintenance from LM Wilson.

1. Lower A/C bills in Burlington, NC

After winter heating bills have taken their toll, you’ll welcome any way to save on spring air conditioning bills. However, if you haven’t had your equipment serviced, you won’t benefit from the lower costs associated with an efficient HVAC system. Proper maintenance helps your A/C unit deliver peak performance using minimal energy, helping you to cut down on your energy bills this spring.

2. Better comfort in Alamance County

Local homeowners know all too well that it’s often hard to tell spring and summer apart in our area. Spring temperatures can start to climb early in the season, and you’ll rely on consistent air conditioning to keep cool indoors. But without proper maintenance, your chances of staying comfortable in your home are slim to none. A/C unit maintenance ensures that all components of your equipment are working properly, which in turn gives you better temperature and humidity controls in your home. Schedule your spring HVAC maintenance with LM Wilson so you can beat the heat this season.

3. Spring HVAC maintenance reduces allergies

If the pollen that comes with spring causes your allergies to flare up, you’ll probably head indoors to avoid those unpleasant symptoms. But if you haven’t had an HVAC system tune-up, your home could actually be an allergen haven. Dust, pet dander, mold and dust mites accumulate without regular filter changes, vent cleaning and overall system maintenance. Before you resort to buying out the pharmacy’s entire stock of tissues and allergy medicine, call LM Wilson for an HVAC system tune-up.

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