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Why Is There so Much Static Electricity in My Burlington, NC Home?

Is static electricity in your home driving you crazy? If so, you’re not alone. Many Alamance county homeowners find that this natural occurrence makes just walking around the house uncomfortable, even painful. So why does this happen, and what can you do about it?

Fortunately, static electricity is no mystery. There’s a reason households throughout the Burlington area experience it simultaneously, and it’s no coincidence that it fluctuates with the seasons. Read on for LM Wilson’s tips to reduce static electricity.

What is static electricity?

Simply put, static electricity involves the transfer of charged particles. When two objects touch or rub against one another, negatively charged particles, or electrons, accumulate. They’re then released once attracted by positively charged protons on another surface. This is why touching a doorknob after walking across the carpet can sometimes give you a shock. But why is this more common in winter? Well, it all has to do with humidity. Winter air is naturally dry, and heating systems make indoor air even drier. Along with causing sore throats and dry skin, this low humidity is the perfect condition for static electricity. This can be a physical nuisance as well as a potential hazard for computers and other electronics.

How can I get rid of static electricity in my Burlington home?

There’s no way to completely eliminate static electricity, but there are ways to significantly reduce it in your home. The best method is to equip your HVAC system with a humidifier from LM Wilson Heating & Air. Whole-house humidifiers increase the humidity in the air, so you can turn on your furnace without worrying about constant shocks. In addition to decreasing static shock, humidifiers can save you money. Humid air feels warmer, so you can turn the heat down a few degrees without sacrificing comfort. This can drastically cut down on energy bills, resulting in a win-win for you and your household.

Don’t spend the winter scared of being shocked by doorknobs in your house. Call LM Wilson Heating & Air for quotes on humidifier installation today!

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