Stay Cool with Your Burlington AC Unit and Window Treatments

Stay Cool with Your Burlington AC Unit and Window Treatments

We’re in the midst of summer’s hottest months, and your Burlington AC unit is probably running almost continuously to keep your house cool. These 95+ temperature days are starting to make the lawns look crispy, while bringing extra warmth to the rooms of your home that have a lot of windows. If you are not comfortable and find that your air conditioner is not sending out cool enough air, it may be time for an air conditioner repair in Burlington. At L.M. Wilson, we will evaluate your cooling system and locate the problem that is causing the not-so-cool air to be circulated. With a thorough repair, you will be in a cool, comfortable home again. There are some other ways to keep cool during the summer months, as mentioned in things first. Weatherize. If you didn’t do this in the winter to keep cold air out, definitely do it now to keep hot air out and your nicely cooled air in. Second, plant trees. Trees planted strategically on the sunniest sides of your home can significantly reduce the amount of solar light getting through your windows. Plus, they add value to your landscape. Next, cover up. Chances are, your windows are only single panes of glass, maybe doubles (triple-paned glass is the most efficient, but it’s not commonly found in most houses and apartments). That means that there’s not much of a barrier between the inside air and the outside air of your house. Curtains or shades  add an extra layer of insulation and increase the energy efficiency of each window covered. The thicker the curtains, the more energy you’ll save, especially if you mount the curtains as close to the window as possible. Otherwise, hot air will end up escaping around the curtains and into your room – and vice versa with cold air.”

Weatherize Your Home for Energy Efficiency with Your HVAC System

With weatherizing, it is important to think in both directions. You will probably want to keep the warm air outside and keep the cool, indoor air from escaping. Weatherize all of the areas of your home that may have gaps or cracks that allow outdoor air to come inside. Weather stripping materials and other types of insulation will help to cover those areas and provide a barrier so the air does not escape or come inside.

Trees Reduce the Heat Around Your Home

When you plant trees near your home, they provide shade and cooler temperatures , plus healthier air for you to breathe. Take a look at where the sun is frequently on your windows and plant your trees to block some of the sun from constantly hitting your windows. This will keep your windows cooler, making the indoor temperature cooler.

Curtains and Honeycomb-Style Shades Provide Cool Barriers to the Hot Sun

Heavy curtains that are mounted very close to the windows work well to keep the heat outside. Also, a honeycomb styled shade that provides increased insulation will be beneficial to have on the windows that get the most sun. These are excellent ways to help lower your monthly energy bills. Advanced window treatments, trees and good insulation are all helpful to reducing the amount of heat and sunshine that enters your home. If you have an older system that is not performing well, an air conditioner repair in Burlington or new AC system installation may be needed. Our expert service team of qualified professionals will provide an exact quote along with exceptional repair or replacement services. Please contact L.M. Wilson today for your air conditioning service needs at 336-226-2685.

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