Top 4 Reasons to Have a Planned HVAC Maintenance Agreement

If you don’t have a Planned HVAC maintenance agreement for your heating & cooling system, it’s time to get one. Here are LM Wilson’s top four reasons why you should sign up for our Peak Performance Maintenance Agreement.

Lower energy bills in Burlington, NC

Regular maintenance is all about improving the efficiency of your HVAC system. And when your equipment runs efficiently, it uses less energy, resulting in lower energy bills. Sign up for a Peak Performance Maintenance Agreement to save money while staying comfortable in Burlington, NC. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy better air quality as well!

Spend less on HVAC repairs

Without regular maintenance, small problems can turn into big problems for your HVAC equipment. Repairs will become more frequent and will grow in cost each time. A planned HVAC maintenance agreement will ensure that damage is inspected and repaired before it causes larger problems for your HVAC system. In addition, you’ll enjoy up to 15% off your repairs with a Peak Performance Maintenance Agreement from LM Wilson Heating & Air!

Planned HVAC maintenance agreement for longer system lifespan

Planned HVAC maintenance helps your heating and cooling equipment run more efficiently. While this lowers energy bills, it also reduces wear and tear that can take a toll on your system over time. Our Peak Performance Maintenance Agreement will ensure that you extend your HVAC system’s lifespan for maximum value in Burlington, NC!

Priority service from LM Wilson Heating & Air

When you need HVAC service, chances are you would rather not have to wait. Without proper cooling or heating, your home is uncomfortable and unbearable, which means prompt HVAC service is crucial! Unfortunately, during the heat of summer or the dead of winter, your bad HVAC day is most likely someone else’s, too. Fortunately, our Peak Performance Maintenance Agreement includes priority service, so you’re not stuck waiting for an A/C or furnace repair when you need it most! Call or click today!

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