Air Conditioning Maintenance & Tune-Ups

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Tune-Ups

It’s no trade secret that proper care and maintenance equals a more efficient AC unit. That goes for most things in life. When your air conditioner works at an optimal level, your energy bills stay low and your home stays cool. Not only does your energy bill go down, but your indoor air quality can also improve. By cleaning ducts, indoor and outdoor filters and checking units for inefficiencies, LM Wilson can remove the source and the buildup of pollution and toxins in your home. By keeping your air conditioning units maintained, they will last longer, cost less to run and need fewer repairs through the years. Make sure you take care of your home’s HVAC system this season!

We offer our heating and AC customers a number of different preventative maintenance plan options. We have created a customized 21 point safety and efficiency inspection that will quickly address air conditioning issues that are common in the Burlington, NC area. The comprehensive service and maintenance agreement we offer is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. When deciding on HVAC maintenance, choose our company for comprehensive and professional services.
According to industry experts, it is highly recommended that your air conditioner is professionally inspected and serviced on a yearly basis. Typically, you should schedule yours in spring to ensure your unit will be most reliable throughout the cooling season.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Helps:

During the summer, your air conditioner uses more than half of the total energy of your residence. Our techs at LM Wilson Heating & Air will inspect your system for any inefficiencies and resolve them on the spot.
During the winter, your air conditioner is dormant. Come springtime in North Carolina, your AC will once again be subject to heavy use. This transition from inactivity to heavy use is when your AC is most susceptible to damage. Our tune-ups can help ensure your unit is ready and in working order to handle the demands of North Carolina summers.
Is your air conditioning system handling the summer heat? Let us take a look at your system to keep your family cool this summer. Take advantage of this limited time special offer!

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Regularly scheduled AC Tune-Ups will help prevent damage, improve reliability, and ensure that your system will be running smoothly all summer long.
If your air conditioner is old and having a hard time keeping up, it may be time to install a new more efficient unit. Our experienced team can help size you for the right unit for your home & budget today.

Air Conditioning Maintenance & Tune-Up FAQs

Why is regular air conditioning maintenance important?

Regular maintenance ensures that your AC system operates efficiently, reduces energy consumption, prevents breakdowns, and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

How often should I schedule air conditioning maintenance?

We recommend scheduling air conditioning maintenance at least once a year, preferably before the cooling season begins, to ensure optimal performance.

What does an air conditioning maintenance service include?

Our comprehensive maintenance service includes cleaning or replacing air filters, checking and tightening electrical connections, inspecting refrigerant levels, cleaning the condenser coils, lubricating moving parts, and testing overall system performance.

Can I skip AC maintenance if my system is working fine?

Regular maintenance is essential even if your system seems to be working fine. It helps identify and address minor issues before they escalate into major problems, saving you from costly repairs in the long run.

How can AC maintenance help lower my energy bills?

During maintenance, our technicians ensure that your system is running efficiently. Clean coils, properly lubricated parts, and optimized airflow all contribute to reduced energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills.

Can I perform AC maintenance myself?

While some maintenance tasks like changing air filters can be done by homeowners, it’s recommended to have professional technicians perform comprehensive maintenance to ensure all components are properly inspected and serviced.

Will regular maintenance prevent all breakdowns?

While regular maintenance significantly reduces the likelihood of breakdowns, it cannot eliminate the possibility entirely. However, it does minimize the risk and ensures that potential issues are caught early.

What are some signs that my AC needs maintenance?

Diminished cooling performance, unusual noises, uneven cooling, and an increase in energy bills are all signs that your AC may need maintenance. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to schedule a service.

How does AC maintenance contribute to a healthier indoor environment?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning and checking the air filters and ductwork, which helps maintain better indoor air quality. This is especially important for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

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