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We have provided timely air purifier installation services since 1987.
All our technicians have industry-standard certifications and perform continuous ongoing training. Our high standards for our team will reflect on the quality of work and the customer service we provide to our customers.
We know air purifiers don't break just between the hours of 9-5 which is why we are are available 24-7 to make sure you have purification service as soon as possible.
With 35 years experience, we can handle all scheduled whole-home air purifier maintenance services to keep your unit running well throughout the year.

Air Purifier Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance

Professional air purifier installation services are essential for ensuring your indoor air quality meets the highest standards. Our team of skilled technicians is well-versed in selecting the right type of air purifier for your home, whether it’s a whole house unit or a portable system. We’ll expertly install the unit, ensuring it’s integrated seamlessly with your HVAC system or placed strategically in your living spaces. Proper installation is critical to maximize the purifier’s effectiveness, providing you with cleaner and healthier air.

When your air purifier isn’t performing as expected, our prompt and efficient repair services are here to help. Our experienced technicians can diagnose and address issues like malfunctioning filters, electrical problems, or unusual noises. We’ll restore your air purifier to peak performance, so you can continue enjoying the benefits of improved indoor air quality. Don’t let a malfunctioning air purifier compromise your well-being; contact us for reliable repair services.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your air purifier operating optimally. Our comprehensive maintenance services include filter replacements, cleaning, and system checks. These proactive measures not only extend the lifespan of your air purifier but also ensure it continues to efficiently capture and remove airborne contaminants. With routine maintenance, you can breathe easier, knowing that your indoor air is as clean and pure as it can be. Trust us to keep your air purifier in top condition, so you can enjoy a healthier home environment.

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    Air Purifier FAQs

    What is an air purifier, and how does it work?

    An air purifier is a device designed to remove airborne contaminants like dust, pollen, pet dander, and pollutants. It works by drawing in air, passing it through a filtration system, and releasing clean air back into the environment.

    What are the benefits of using an air purifier?

    Air purifiers improve indoor air quality by reducing allergens, odors, and harmful particles, which can lead to better respiratory health and overall well-being.

    Do air purifiers help with allergies and asthma?

    Yes, air purifiers can significantly reduce allergy and asthma symptoms by removing allergens and irritants from the air, providing relief for those with respiratory conditions.

    Can air purifiers remove viruses and bacteria from the air?

    Some air purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters and UV-C technology, which can capture and kill certain viruses and bacteria, enhancing overall hygiene.

    Do air purifiers eliminate odors and smoke?

    Yes, air purifiers with activated carbon filters can effectively remove odors from cooking, pets, and tobacco smoke, making your indoor environment fresher and more pleasant.

    How do I choose the right air purifier for my home?

    Factors like room size, the specific contaminants you want to target, and your budget influence the choice. Our experts can help you select the ideal model for your needs.

    Are there different types of air purifiers available?

    Yes, there are several types, including HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, UV-C purifiers, and ozone generators. Each has unique features and capabilities.

    How often should I replace the filters in my air purifier?

    Filter replacement frequency varies by model and usage. Generally, HEPA filters should be replaced every 6 to 12 months, while activated carbon filters may last up to 3 months.

    Can I install an air purifier myself, or should I hire a professional?

    While some portable air purifiers are plug-and-play, whole-home systems often require professional installation to ensure proper integration with your HVAC system.

    Do air purifiers increase energy consumption in my home?

    Most air purifiers are energy-efficient and have a negligible impact on energy bills. In fact, by improving indoor air quality, they may help reduce the need for heating and cooling, potentially saving energy in the long run.

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