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WHAT WE OFFER24/7 Gas & Electric Furnace Repair in Burlington & Alamance County, NC

We have provided same-day furnace repairs for over 30 years.
All our industry-standard certified technicians perform continuous ongoing training. Our high standards for our team will reflect on the quality of work and the customer service we provide to our customers.
We service both gas & electric furnaces, so whatever your issue, do not hesitate to give us a call.
We know that furnaces don't always break at the most convenient of times. That's why we are available for furnace service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Emergency Gas & Electric Furnace Repairs

A furnace works in conjunction with your home’s air conditioning unit to keep you comfortable all year long. Furnaces are available in a variety of sizes to suit any home.

The benefits of having a furnace include:

  • A safe and efficient way to heat your home
  • Can help reduce your energy bill
  • Improved comfort levels in your home

A furnace could break down for a number of reasons, such as a dirty filter, a broken blower belt or motor, or problems with the thermostat. If your furnace is not working properly, it’s important to call in a professional to diagnose and fix the problem.

If you’re in need of emergency furnace repairs in Burlington, NC and the surrounding areas of Alamance County, then LM Wilson Heating & Air is the company for you. We offer 24/7 service so that you can rest assured that we’ll be there when you need us. We also have a wide range of services to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. We’re proud to offer quality services at affordable prices, so you can rest easy knowing that your furnace is in good hands. Contact us today!

Furnace Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is important for keeping your system running efficiently and preventing expensive repairs. By scheduling routine maintenance, you can avoid costly breakdowns and keep your home comfortable all year long.

Regular furnace tune-ups are an important part of keeping your heating system running efficiently and preventing costly repairs down the road. A tune-up includes a full inspection of your system, as well as cleaning and adjustment of all components as needed. This helps to ensure that your furnace is working at its best, delivering optimal warmth and comfort all winter long.

Furnace tune-ups should be performed at least once a year. If you have an older furnace, it’s especially important to have it tuned up regularly, as they tend to be less efficient than newer models. At LM Wilson Heating & Air, we offer comprehensive furnace tune-ups, so don’t wait until your furnace breaks down – call us today!

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    Gas and Electric Furnace FAQs

    What is a furnace and how does it work?

    A furnace is a heating system that generates warmth by burning fuel (such as natural gas, oil, or propane) or through electric heating elements. It then distributes the heated air throughout your home via ductwork.

    What types of furnaces are available?

    Furnaces are available in various types, including gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and electric furnaces. Each type has its own advantages and considerations.

    How often should I have my furnace serviced?

    Regular furnace maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance, safety, and efficiency. We advise scheduling an annual maintenance service to catch potential issues and keep your system running smoothly.

    What are the signs that my furnace needs repair?

    Signs of a malfunctioning furnace include uneven heating, unusual noises, frequent cycling on and off, higher energy bills, and reduced indoor air quality. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time for professional assistance.

    How do I choose the right size furnace for my home?

    Choosing the right size furnace depends on factors like your home’s square footage, insulation, and climate. Our experts can perform a heat load calculation to recommend the appropriate furnace size.

    Are modern furnaces energy-efficient?

    Yes, modern furnaces are designed to be energy-efficient, with high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings. High-efficiency furnaces can provide significant energy savings compared to older models.

    Can a furnace be used for both heating and cooling?

    Furnaces are designed primarily for heating, but they can be paired with air conditioning systems to provide both heating and cooling for year-round comfort.

    How long does a furnace typically last?

    With proper maintenance, a well-maintained furnace can last around 15 to 20 years or even longer. Regular maintenance helps prolong its lifespan and efficiency.

    What are the benefits of a variable-speed blower in a furnace?

    A variable-speed blower in a furnace offers improved comfort and energy efficiency. It can adjust its speed to match the heating needs, resulting in consistent temperatures and reduced energy consumption.

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