WHAT WE OFFERThermostat Service, Repair, and Replacement in Burlington NC, Orange & Alamance Counties

We have provided timely HVAC service for over 30 years.
All our industry-standard certified technicians perform continuous ongoing training. Our high standards for our team will reflect on the quality of work and the customer service we provide to our customers.
We know thermostats can be fickle and don't break just between the hours of 9-5 which is why we are are always available 24-7 to make sure you have a working HVAC system as soon as possible.
With 35 years experience, we can handle all installation jobs, and we specialize in the smart/Wi-Fi enabled thermostats

Thermostat Repairs, Replacements & Upgrades

When your thermostat starts malfunctioning, it can lead to discomfort and inefficient energy use in your home. Our skilled technicians at LM Wilson are experts in diagnosing and repairing all types of thermostats, from traditional models to the latest smart devices. Whether your issue is as simple as recalibrating the temperature settings or as complex as wiring problems, we ensure a swift and effective resolution. We pride ourselves on restoring your home’s comfort and your thermostat’s functionality with minimal disruption, helping you maintain an ideal temperature and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

There comes a time when repairing an old thermostat might not be the most cost-effective solution—replacement or upgrading might be necessary. We provide professional thermostat replacement and upgrade services that not only enhance your HVAC system’s efficiency but also cater to your specific comfort needs. We offer a wide range of thermostats, including energy-efficient traditional models and advanced smart thermostats that can be controlled via your smartphone. Our team will help you choose the perfect thermostat that fits your budget and lifestyle, ensuring a seamless installation process that will optimize your home’s heating and cooling capabilities.

Upgrading to a smart or Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat can transform your home’s HVAC system into a cornerstone of convenience and efficiency. These devices offer superior temperature control, learning your preferences to automatically adjust settings and even suggesting the most energy-efficient temperatures. An upgrade not only helps in reducing your energy bills but also enhances your ability to maintain comfort, no matter where you are. Let us guide you through the benefits and installation of a smart thermostat, making your home smarter and more comfortable.

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