Heating and Air Conditioning Strategies to Reduce Asthma and Other Breathing Issues in Burlington, NC

November 19, 2019by WilsonEMS

Asthma and other breathing issues can be scary, potentially dangerous, and all around unpleasant. You may have to take medications, carry around an inhaler, avoid certain activities, and stay indoors during high pollen counts. You probably dust often and use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, avoid pets and smoke, wash sheets regularly, and keep mold out of your shower. But, did you know that there are strategies you can use with your heating and air conditioning to combat asthma and other breathing conditions?

Clean and Change Air Filters 

For people that have asthma, it’s a must that you run your air conditioner instead of leaving the doors and windows open. As long as you keep your home clean the indoor air will be cleaner than the outdoor air. When you run your air conditioner, the air flows through your return grills and is filtered by the throwaway filters at the filter grill or some type of filter at the indoor air handler or furnace.  If you do not clean or change your filters, dust and debris will build up on your indoor coil. This can cause poor airflow, reduced efficiency, leaks in the coil, and potential system failure. This is why it is so important to change your filters regularly. How often should you change your filter? Click Here for more details.

Clean Ductwork

The air that circulates throughout your home moves through your A/C system’s ductwork before it enters your home.  If your air filtration system is clean, but your ductwork is dirty or leaking, then the air entering your home won’t be as clean.  

HEPA Filters

HEPA (high-energy particulate air) filtration systems are a great way to fight off dust and allergens. It is an added layer of protection that is especially beneficial to asthma and other respiratory illness sufferers. These filters are designed to capture microscopic particles of dust and pollutants.

UV Lights

Ultraviolent lights are typically placed near the coils of your air conditioner. They will reduce the growth of mold and bacteria in the air that passes through your air conditioner. They are great for warm, humid climates but don’t protect against dust, dander, and other air allergens.

Electronic Air Purifiers

You can also purchase electronic air purifiers that work with your HVAC system. Every time your air conditioner or furnace run this filtration system traps and kills the pollutants. They are a great solution for whole-home filtration.

Dehumidifiers or Humidifiers

If you struggle with too much humidity in your home you may want to invest in a dehumidifier. Mold is a common allergen and thrives in warm, humid environments. Have your highly trained technician from LM Wilson Heating & Air check for damp conditions in your house, crawlspaces, basement, and attic. Seal cracks and holes in ductwork and purchase a dehumidifier. 

In some cases, the air in your home is too dry, especially during the winter months when you run your furnace. Pollutants linger in the air. In this case, you may want to run a humidifier. If you need moisture throughout your entire home, consider a humidifier that is a whole-home humidifier. It will provide moisture to your entire home instead of just one room.

Either way, you should speak to your trained professional at LM Wilson about your home, air quality, and which options will benefit your particular needs.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

Always keep to your regular maintenance schedule. Your HVAC technician from LM Wilson will ensure your system is clean and functioning as it should. A regular maintenance schedule should be your first line of defense against furthering asthma symptoms with polluted, dirty air. During the winter and early spring, your air conditioner doesn’t run. Instead, it gets dusty and dirty. Once temperatures warm and you run your air conditioner, you’re just blowing dirt and dust into your home. You can prevent that by scheduling your spring/summer maintenance visit. The same thing happens during the summer and early fall. Your furnace has gone unused and collects dirt and dust. It blows into your home when you start it up. A fall maintenance visit will clean your furnace before you use it.

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