Signs Your Air Conditioner is Oversized or Undersized

November 19, 2019by WilsonEMS

Did you know that your air conditioning system is designed to work properly for certain sized homes?  The size of your home is a major influence on what size unit you should purchase and install. Many homeowners are unaware that the size of their home is a key consideration when purchasing a new air conditioner. Many people are under the assumption that bigger is better.  They may think that a bigger air conditioner will function better and cool their home faster. This is far from the truth. Many homeowners look to save costs and may even purchase a smaller unit for their home. They believe that air conditioner manufacturers offer bigger models and more expensive ones just to make more money. This is even farther from the truth. 

How does a homeowner know whether their air conditioning system is sized right for their home, and what are the signs that the system they have may be oversized or undersized?

It’s Too Small to Cool Your Home

It’s not uncommon for an air conditioning unit to be too small for the size of your home. You may suspect the unit is too small when the unit is running and blowing cold air, but your house doesn’t reach the desired temperature you have set on your thermostat.  It is working too hard to keep up with your cooling needs. A unit that is too small will have unnecessary wear and tear and could potentially freeze the evaporator coil. You may also notice that you have higher utility bills. Keep this in mind when the system is being sized for your home.  There is a fine line between the correct size air conditioning system for your home and outdoor design temperature. The outdoor design temperature in North Carolina is between 91– 93 degrees.  So, when the temperature is above these conditions; even a properly sized A/C unit may not cool your home to your desired temperature. 

The A/C unit may be OVERSIZED…..The unit constantly stops and starts?

Bigger definitely isn’t better! When you have an oversized heating and air conditioning system, the air conditioner will cycle on and off again in short bursts. This can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your system, as well as cause your system to run more inefficiently. When it cycles on and off; it isn’t running long enough to let the airflow through the system and filter properly. It also can’t properly dehumidify the air. By properly dehumidifying the air; it reduces the moisture content in the air, which will make you feel more comfortable at a higher temperature. Another sign your system is oversized is your utility bills are higher.  This is caused by the constant starting and stopping. It actually saves you money to have the system run longer! An inefficient system will always cost you more money to operate.

It’s Just Right for your Burlington home

An air conditioner that is sized properly is an air conditioner that is efficient. It will cycle or operate long enough to keep your home at your desired temperature and reduce humidity without running in bursts, stopping and starting, or overworking the system.

Contact the Experts at LM Wilson Heating & AirThe best way to know if your air conditioner is sized right for your home is to speak with a professional. Your highly-trained HVAC technician at LM Wilson will determine the correct load capacity of your home. They will measure your home, look at window placement and direction, whether your home is properly insulated, and do a room by room calculation. At that point, your HVAC technician will discuss what the best options are for your home comfort. Click here to request an online estimate, or click here to schedule your service entirely online today!

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